Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tsembla and Lau Nau at Dynamo, Turku

I suffered from my usual foot-in-mouth disease when talking to Lau Nau, so I can't add an interview here. Lovely gigs. Tsembla played cassette loops and effects and Lau Nau alternated between guitar ballads and loop pedal trickery. Mind, hearing her version of "Hummani hei" brought back the usual childhood memories of car sickness: We used to travel each summer by car to Finland from Germany and my father had nothing but Tapio Rautavaara in his cassette deck...

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Spam spam spam spam spam spam eggs and spam

Blogger has now blessed me with automatic spam detection. Gee, thank you so much. I'm practically drowning in the semi-annual spam messages I get here...
If your comments do not show up, they might be in my spam folder (at least Gmail has relegated many of my friends there over the years) waiting for me to do some administering. Please do not despair. I shall try to remember checking it at least once a week.