Friday, April 26, 2013

Ah, the humanity!

I'm not good at believing

To me, this project of making one million faces is still just an increasing garbage disposal problem. Never mind that, to make a meager living as an artist, I would need to convince various disgusting millionaires and institutions that this represents an important milestone in cultural history - and a sound investment that will make them rich once I'm dead. Tired of bullshit. And our world is all bullshit these days, a fading dream of food and happiness for everybody that is being replaced by a global game for the amusement of aforementioned millionaires.
That factory collapsing in Bangladesh the other day, that's our future. If Bangladesh had instituted building security codes to prevent such disasters, all of their textile industries would have moved to cheaper countries. It's all a game and most of us are on the gaming table, as chips, not at the table, as players. Faites vos jeux. Rien ne va plus.