Thursday, October 8, 2009

Drab? Lifeless? Huh?

People here complain all through the dark season, which lasts nearly half the year. I just pick up my camera and get drunk on an explosion of colours. Obviously, someone's out of touch with reality here, but I'm not quite sure it's me.


  1. I agree. I never see why people complain about the bad weather, though the contrast between the seasons would be far more pronounced in Finland than here where one tends to blend into the other. Another good set of dark/bright photos.

  2. Perhaps it is easier to complain about things that can't be fixed. One can succumb to comfortable passivity and suffer without making any effort.
    The days do get short here. People who work indoors might only see the sun on weekends for months at a time. That's probably the reason Finns are addicted to sunshine. Some bars open their terraces while there is still snow on the ground.