Saturday, February 13, 2010

Too many trees?

A forest would look rather stupid with just a handful of trees, wouldn't it? The same goes for culture. Art, music, literature etc. is not about having a set amount of good products in your attic. The act of creation is the thing, taking all that makes you an individual and a member of humanity and expressing it in some way, be it by writing a symphony or pissing marks into a snowdrift. Creation is what makes us human. Chimpanzees have fights, love affairs and politics, but no need to inflict their personalities on everything around them.
You may deplore it, but you are human, too. The world is your canvas. Use it well.


  1. Eiköhän noita ollut ihan sopivasti...

  2. Exactly. Why should art be restricted to some elite group? I've gone ahead and tried my hand at whatever forms interest me like music and writing. If what I produce annoys/or pleases/or is a matter of indifference to people, I'm happy to have given it a go whatever the reaction.

    It perplexes me a bit when people suggest they would be interested in getting into so and so an art form, but they are "not a musician/poet/whatever". I wonder what exactly they are waiting for ... some kind of permission? It's silly. I think more people should just give it a go regardless of other factors.