Saturday, May 8, 2010

Akahiljane and Taco Bells at Kutomo, Turku

...and a few portraits.


  1. Great pictures. Taco Bells sound interesting - heard the name but not the music.

    I ordered the Meisselschiber cd-r by the way - looking forward to hearing it when I get it.

  2. Thanks. That's the second order I know of. Hannu is going get sooooooo rich off us. :)

    Taco Bells are hard to google for. Apparently some corporation has stolen their name. They are sort of the successor to Rauhan orkesteri. Their drummer, Jaakko Tolvi, has so many different projects that I get dizzy just trying to list them: Lauhkeat Lampaat (quiet toy scratching with his brother), Pymathon (improv metal noise with Topias Tiheäsalo and lately also Tommi Keränen), Transkaakko (uh, prog rock+folk fusion or some such), um...I've also seen him on stage with Lau Nau, Avarus, Kheta Hotem and playing with/against Chris Corsano and various other visiting improv artists. He's everywhere.

    Taco Bells is his free jazz outlet:
    Taco Bells live at Telakka, Tampere

  3. Ah, forgot Semimuumio, his sampladelia project.

  4. Cool - thanks for the further info! I'll check those out. A track from his Semimuumio project is on a tape I've got - it's great.

    I'm getting my copy of the cd-r from Eclipse records which is where I get a lot of my stuff from - he may have ordered a few copies too.