Saturday, August 11, 2012

Why children learn faster

A child never stops to consider the quality of the output. Playing means doing something to enjoy doing it. Thus, a child will get an enormous amount of work done in the time an adult spends evaluating, doubting, correcting and pondering his or her creations. It is akin to being cast out of paradise when a child learns about good and bad. This usually leads to an end of creativity and a gradual slide into drudgery as playing turns into practicing, learning, achieving.
I have spent decades trying to get back to that playfulness, trying to just do what feels enjoyable, learning new tricks from chance slips of the brush, accepting mistakes, thinking "I'll try that again in the next picture with a bit of adjustment."
So, when will I start considering quality again? Never. It will flow naturally from the work, as a million brushstrokes coalesce into perfect harmony at some point, maybe another ten thousand or hundred thousand pictures from now. It's not my problem, anyway. I'm here to play.

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