Thursday, October 13, 2011

First morning frost

Strange. The weather department claims that temperatures only fell to +4 degrees centigrade last night. So where did that hoarfrost on the roofs come from?
Ah, Wikipedia has the answer:  "Hoar frost can form in these areas even when the air temperature a few feet above ground is well above freezing."
You learn something new every day. Not all of it terribly essential. Yesterday, I learned about Piri Weepu, the captain or something of the All Blacks and his mother, Kura. This caused me some mild, childish joy, as 'piri' is colloquial Finnish for amphetamine and 'kura' means mud...


  1. I must say I've been avoiding all the world cup madness - I would be happy to see the All Blacks win, though.

  2. Not my thing, either. I like sports that are leisurely and nonviolent, like cricket. I'm just curious about everything, well, many things. Never could get excited about plants or cooking, the latter due to having inherited my father's wooden palate.
    I wouldn't mind to see New Zealanders happy, though, even if it was just to find out if any kind of good news from there could make it into Finnish media. The oil spill made it, of course, but since we know rugby mainly from that Monty Python scene in Meaning of Life (teachers vs. students) I would not bet on it.
    My, but I'm rambling. Time to go to bed and let Robert Rankin's Brightonomicon lull me to sleep.