Sunday, October 30, 2011

Turku, Speedlines

The days are getting darker. Now I can do my long exposure, shaky camera painting even well before dusk - if I'm quick about it.


  1. I always enjoy seeing your shaky camera painting!

  2. Thanks! I like making them.
    I decided to call it painting since it feels similar: I pick some streetlights and use them to paint waves, circles and wiggles into the picture by moving accordingly. Since my painting with palette knives and drawing with broad brushes involves nearly similar speed and lack of control, the difference is not huge.
    Easy to do, too: Just find the 'Bulb' setting in your camera, which allows you to expose as long as you keep the button pressed and start playing. I do not hold patents on this. In fact, I've seen a few people doing similar things.
    And a couple of my friends have started using mild forms of this for gig photos to add dynamics to performers.
    And friends of friends, apparently. Don't know Teemu Itkonen:

  3. Wonderful! Well I definitely feel like getting out my camera and experimenting now.