Friday, December 19, 2008

More views of Turku

A kiosk on Hämeenkatu.

Self-portrait on river.
The Aurajoki river insists on being nauseatingly pretty again.
I love reflections. But perhaps these multiple levels are easier to work out if you have been there yourself. A hint: The yellow Nikon sign is behind the camera, across the street, reflected both by the window and the mirror at the back of the hairstylist's.
Looks like recession: Even the hair models look grumpy and barely out of bed.


  1. Nää sun omakuvaversiot on aika hauskoja :-)

  2. Kiits. Eilisestä vessahanakuvasta tuli kyllä mieleen miettiä olisiko se enemmän vai vähemmän karmiva, jos olisin muistanut hymyillä. :)